Russian Blue Breeder's Association Welfare

DORA - Here is Dora's story:

"Dora is 14 years old. My mother purchased her as a companion for her cat Boris. She has been a solo cat for around 3 years. She has gone outside but is currently a house cat only. She is very quiet and shy but once she knows someone she is very affectionate and is never aggressive or scratchy. She got on well with Boris but usually is very scared of other cats.

She has had regular vet check ups and vaccinations and has been insured with Petplan her whole life. She has recently had a short general anaesthetic for a dental scale and to have one tooth removed.

She has been a companion for my father since 2013 and sadly we found out in February that he has cancer and he is currently mostly bed bound. He is keen to rehome Dora in a new forever home.

We would have her but we have three cats of our own and we have tried to integrate her with no success.

She is a little fussy about food and likes wet food much more than dried food.

I would like to rehome her from here and I am willing to transport her almost anywhere for the right owners.

If you need any other information please contact me by telephone 07931 902 345."


A new message from Oliver.

Just to let you know that since I have settled down nicely my kind carer has decided to keep me. I'm getting on for 20 now so it is great to be able to stay put. I know when I am onto a good thing,

Purrfully yours, Oliver

News of our rehomed Russians:  

Lucy (aka Nala.)  

Lucy was boarded by one of our breeders for assessment before rehoming. She arrived in such a distressed state that it was several weeks before she could be handled. She was kept for about 3 months and gradually resocialised with humans and with other cats before going to a new home. She is now a happy friendly cat who visits her neighbours and thoroughly enjoys life.


Felix is a very nervous, shy cat who had been bullied by other cats. He spent the first six months in his new home hiding underneath the furniture for the greater part of each day. His new owner persevered with him and he gradually improved, at the last report he now spends a lot of the day inside or on the bed rather than underneath it.

Remember 15 Year old Katya?

Katya has settled in well with a couple who already have three Russian Blue cats, one of whom was also rescued through Russian Blue Welfare 7 years ago. She has her paws firmly under the table or rather as the picture below shows, on the kitchen worktop, where she is discussing the menu with Sophie (centre) and Pandora (right).

Another Rescue contact:

Russian Blue Breeders Association Welfare Coordinator:

Mrs J. Fleming:
Telephone 01228 573243

Do not ask for kittens, as Welfare do not have them.