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Russian Breed Advisory Committee


The Russian Breed Advisory Committee (better known as the RBAC) is currently comprised of members of the RBBA committee plus an independent Chairman who is Mrs. Maria Chapman-Beer. Maria is a Breeder of Burmese cats, a judge of many breeds, a Show Manager and an ex member of the GCCF Executive Committee. She is currently a member of the GCCF Finance Committee and the Appeals Committee. I am secretary of the BAC responsible for arranging meetings, agendas, minutes etc.

The RBAC monitors the progress of Pupil Judges and Stewards, the Russian Standard of Points, the Russian Registration Policy and the Russian Breeding Policy and their submission to the GCCF for approval.

Please note that the BAC Secretary is Laurie Emtage laurieemtage@gmail.com.

Laurie Emtage
Secretary RBAC


Russian Breeding Policy (updated Feb '24)

The Russian Breeding Policy accompanies and supplements the Russian Registration Policy and should be read in conjunction with that document. The aim of the breeding policy is to give advice and guidance to ensure breeders observe what is considered “best practice” in breeding Russians.

Russian Registration Policy

The Registration Policy was updated and approved by the GCCF in June 2023.

GCCF Standard of Points

The Russian Standard of Points was approved by the GCCF in October 2014.

Luxating Patella in Russian cats Advice from the GCCF Veterinary Advisory Committee

The Veterinary Advisory Committee (VAC) has advised that screening for luxating patella can be carried out by simple clinical examination and does not necessitate the risk of examination under anaesthetic.

A Grade 1 is not necessarily significant, especially in kittens and young cats as some mobility of the patella is normal. It is the opinion of the VAC that a cat with any degree of spontaneous patellar luxation is unsuitable for breeding. i.e. Grade 2 upwards.The VAC suggests that all kittens are checked for spontaneous patellar luxation by their vet at the 1st and 2nd vaccinations and those with patella luxation are not selected for breeding. Cats should also be checked premating or at the first booster vaccination, whichever comes sooner and at subsequent booster vaccination health checks as patellar luxation does sometimes develop at a later age.


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