The AGM of the RBBA took place on the11th May 2019. There are some changes to the Officers/Committee this year which are as follows:

Vice Chairman: Clare Bandy

Hon Secretary: Angela Cooper

3 new Committee Members: Natasha Barber, Laurie Curtis and Donna Johnson.

We welcome them all to the committee and look forward to working with them.

The proposal by the committee to remove part of Rule 6 relating to Regional Advisors was passed unanimously.

We would like to thank the retiring members Caroline Moore and Judith Noble for all their efforts on behalf of the Association. We will continue to hear from Caroline as she remains Kitten Secretary and also Judith who will be judging Household Pets at our show this year.

Unfortunately we did not have a quorum at the AGM and if anyone has any queries relating to the AGM please contact me.

Marlene Buckeridge,