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Russian Blue Breeders Association
Championship Show 2014

all pictures courtesy of Dave & Donna Johnson, with many thanks.
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BIS IGR CH KORESHKA ROKSANA RUSINA with her judge Val Anderson


Show Managers Report RBBA Show 4th October 2014

As I was not able to be present at the Show this year due to family illness, this is a difficult report to write. However, firstly I must tell you that the show has made a very good profit due to several things. We had over £400 of donations from Members, we had an increased entry, a lot of visitors and we went back to back with the Ocicat Club which resulted in substantial savings. Every Committee Member liked the venue, spacious free car park and super catering by the Church Catering Team in Ettington.

Although it was a rather damp morning vetting in appeared to go smoothly with our new Vet, Mr. Laurie Hall in charge. I do hope we can get him for 2015. Judging in the capable hands of Lynda Ashmore, Michele Codd, Val Anderson-Drew and Lyndsey Grant (Pedigrees) and Miggie Ravenscroft and Stephen Whiting (Non Ped Section) was completed in good time enabling BIS to be completed and the show to close early.

Going back to the background of getting the show on the road I want to thank all those you contributed in any way. Dot Thomson did her usual excellent task of Class allocation way back in January 2014. Ian Macro did all our Schedule and Catalogue computer work and printing. Melva Eccles greatly helped with local advertising. I chased and collated all the catalogue Advertising and contacted many companies for sponsorship (adverts, gifts, freebies etc). Norman Young made our lovely new BIS boards which looked very professional.

On Friday there was a good team of committee members and Dot Thomson, plus Dave & Donna Johnson who all worked their socks off to get everything sorted. On Saturday, Kate Kaye and Jenny Fleming handled not only their own tasks but everything that I would have done if I had been present. I owe you both a drink! Dot donated the Raffle Hamper and ran the stall all day, assisted by Sarah Williams-Ellis. Caroline Moore with the help of Australian member Pam Worsely (Vyatka) ran the Club Table. Kate Kaye, Andrea Cherry and Kate Ford ran the Results Table and Clare Bandy and Sue Young managed the Rosettes. Judith Noble and Jane Trodd sorted the Cups and Trophies. Ian Macro also handled several tasks on our behalf like ordering certificates and doing the end of Show paperwork back to Council. I even hear rumours that he got the vacuum cleaner out and vacuumed the hall at the end of the day! Many thanks Ian, this meant we could claim back the £50 Cleaning Deposit. Dave & Donna Johnson took lots of lovely photos which can be seen on their Facebook page – they were especially good for me as I wasn’t there on the day. We also had some sons and daughters helping out on the day – many thanks. We had a great set of stewards who worked tirelessly all day.

All in All I think everyone did a wonderful job and I would like to say a big thank you and a request that you give us the same excellent support in 2015. Same venue on 3rd October 2015. Fortunately the change of date for the Supreme in 2015 does not affect our date.

Marlene Buckeridge
Show Manager

(If I have omitted anyone please accept my apologies – your help was appreciated even if you were not named!)


Results and Judge Reports
(taken from the GCCF website)

Judge - Mrs Anderson-Drew


Best in Show Panel - Mrs Ashmore, Mrs Codd, Mrs Grant

Russian Blue Adult Russian Blue Kitten Russian Blue Neuter
Best Male
Ch Serennol Yasha
Best Male
Ch Serennol Yasha
Best Male & Best Neuter
Pr Siykat Lancelot
Best Female & Best Adult
IGrCh Koreshka Roksana Rusina
Best Female & Best Kitten
Adurtsh Miss Moonshine
Best Female
Ch & GrPr Shoelina Milyukova

Provided by Elisabeth Stark

Pedigree Results


Imperial Grand Champion Male (Olympian class) - Mrs Anderson-Drew
1 (no Oly) - IGrCh Melkelter Valchekova
2 (no res) - UK & IGrCh Furbell Stargazer

Imperial Grand Champion Female (Olympian class) - Mrs Anderson-Drew
OGCC - IGrCh Koreshka Roksana Rusina
Res OGCC - UK & IGrCh Troika La Bayadere

Imperial Grand Premier Male (Olympian class) - Mrs Ashmore
OGPC - IGrPr Kremlinkatz Koschka Kirill

Imperial Grand Premier Female (Olympian class) - Mrs Codd
OGPC - IGrPr Larksong Angelina
Res OGPC - Ch & IGrPr Larksong Ghost Dancer


Grand Champion Male (Imperial class) - Mrs Ashmore
IGCC - GrCh Lyov Yarilo Larksong Dunoe
Res IGCC - GrCh Serennol Vanyusha

Grand Champion Female (Imperial class) - Mrs Codd
IGCC - GrCh Curtilla Penumbra
Res IGCC - GrCh Kremlinkatz Kara Karizma

Champion Male (Grand class) - Mrs Ashmore
GCC - Ch Serennol Yasha

Champion Female (Grand class) - Mrs Codd
GCC - Ch Sithee Madam Belladonna (RUS n)
Res GCC - Ch Koreshka Olexsa Bluestar (RUS a)

Russian Blue Male Adult - Mrs Ashmore
1 & CC - Koreshka Rudi Snaffleovski

Russian Blue Female Adult - Mrs Anderson-Drew
1 & CC - Kremlinkatz Kizmet Kizzy
2 - Alyona Dushka Meduzka
3 - Kremlinkatz Bayushki Bayu

Russian White or Black adult - Mrs Ashmore
1 & CC - Serennol Snowflake (RUS w 64)
2 - Brightlite Black Caviar (RUS n)


Male Kitten 14 weeks-6 months - Mrs Grant
1 - Dushenka Orphiel

Male Kitten 6-9 months - Mrs Grant
1 - Melkelter Wishful Thinking

Female Kitten 14 weeks-6 months - Mrs Grant
1 - Adurtsh Miss Moonshine
2 - Inneska Mustic Beau-Saf
3 - Dushenka Oribel
4 - Curtilla Solitaire
5 - Adurtsh Miia

Female Kitten 6-9 months - Mrs Grant
1 - Melkelter Galiya Gertruda
2 - Otis Poppy

Nebelung kitten assessment - Mrs Codd
1 & Merit - Brumeux Man Ov Steel
2 & Merit - Brumeux Le Dieu Bleu


Grand Premier Male (Imperial class) - Mrs Codd
IGPC - GrCh & GrPr Troika Ivan Tsarevich
Res IGPC - GrPr Curtilla Grey Mirage

Grand Premier Female (Imperial class) - Mrs Ashmore
IGPC - Ch & GrPr Shoelina Milyokova
Res IGPC - GrCh & GrPr Kremlinkatz Kohani Krystal

Premier Male (Grand class) - Mrs Ashmore
GPC - Pr Siykat Lancelot
Res GPC - Pr Troika Boris Godunov

Russian Blue Male Neuter - Mrs Codd
1 PC - Koreshka Isaac Mosskat
2 - Sithee Captainbenjishadow
3 - Furbell Web Design

Female Neuter - Mrs Codd
1 PC - Denillanne Francesca
2 - Shoelina Meconopsis
3 - Shertejo Doletskaya


Olympian Class - AV HP Imperial Grand Master Cat - Mrs Ashmore
Oly - IGMC Boris Agrippa


Imperial Class - AC Non-Pedigree Grand Master Cat - Ms Ravenscroft
IGMC - GMC Oliver

SH Self (Single Colour) Cat - Mr Whiting
BIC - GMC Oliver

SH AC Tabby Cat (except Ginger/Tortie) - Ms Ravenscroft
BIC - IGMC Boris Agrippa

SH AC Kitten - Mr Whiting
1 BIC - Tiny Spice


Imperial Class - AC Pedigree Pet Grand Master Cat Male- Ms Ravenscroft
IGMC - GMC Charlie

Grand Class - AC Pedigree Pet Master Cat Female - Mr Whiting
GMC - MC Dorable

SH Self (Single Colour) Cat - Mrs Codd
BIC - MC Dorable

Elizabeth Stark with BIS Award







Previous year's show


BIS Kitten Adhursh Miss Moonshine

BIS Neuter Siykat Lancelot

BIS Pet Tiny Spice

BIS Russian Black
Ch Sithee Madam Belladonna

BIS Assessment Brumeaux Man of Steel

Troika Rusalka

Serennol Snowflake

Melketer Wishful Thinking

Galiya Gertruda

Catherine Kay with Catwo Biaty Pantera

Brightlite Black Caviar

Table workers Judith Noble and Jane Trodd


Yasmin Winjards

Lindsey Grant with her steward Maartje Schoenmaker

Miggie Ravenscroft judging