Jill Jackson

(Vice President of the Russian Blue Breeders Association)

died 12/7/2022

Jill retired as our chairman in May 2011 having served in that position for 24 years. It is a while ago now but we all still miss her hand on the tiller. Jill passed away on 12th July surrounded by her family with her two Russian Blues beside her. She enjoyed showing her lovely cats and took great pride in her many wins with UK Gr. Pr Blandings Bustopher who was such a superstar winning Best Neuter twice at our own show.

Jill made the RBBA what it is today and we thank her sincerely for that.

Marlene Buckeridge

I was so sad to hear of the passing of Jill Jackson.

Jill was Chairman of the Russian Blue Breeders’ Association (R.B.B.A.) for many years, and I was privileged to serve as a committee member under her chairmanship for some of that time. Jill was a lovely lady, who, whether it was at the R.B.B.A. show or at the AGM, went out of her way to make everyone feel welcome.

Jill bred some beautiful Russian Blues under her Blandings prefix, her most notable cat being her beloved UK Gr Pr Blandings Bustopher, whose career highlights included winning Overall Best in Show at the R.B.B.A. show, and Best of Variety Foreign Neuter at the Supreme.

After she retired from breeding and showing, Jill remained devoted to the Russian Blue, and liked to keep up to date with what was happening in the breeding and show world. I have happy memories of when we would meet up for brunch at a pleasant tearoom in St Ives, and then study the cats together at the shows held at the Wood Green Animal Shelter, Godmanchester.

It was fitting that Jill passed away at home surrounded by her family, with her two Russian Blues, Boris and Sofia, by her side.
My condolences to David, Nicola, and the rest of her family.

Clare Bandy

The first time I met Jill Jackson was, years ago at one of the RBBA shows I used to visit every year with my mother and friends.

I remember her offering tea and biscuits to co-workers, judges and to us, visitors from Belgium.

A kind woman who was caring for everyone at the show and was also for years the chairperson of the RBBA.

Some time later we became more acquainted and Jill invited me to spend some time with her family at their home in Cambridge.

I accepted the invitation and that holiday in the lovely month of May became the finest one I’ve ever had.

Jill and her husband Robin, who already sadly passed away quite some time ago, showed me around their beautiful city. I remember especially a Sunday afternoon when we went punting on the river Cam and every evening around 5 pm I went to King’s to enjoy the Singing of the King’s College Choir.

I met their children Nicola and David and their lovely Russian Blues and one of the beagles they always had. I certainly remember the walks we did with their Beagle in the fields behind their house.

The following years I met Jill and sometimes her children too at the RBBA shows and other shows throughout the UK where I judged and it was always a pleasure meetin her again.

Through the years we’ve kept contact by sending Season’s greetings. Jill’s Christmas card was always the first to arrive.
It is so very sad to know that she has passed away. It is really the end of an era. She did so much for the RBBA and was so passionate about the Russian Blues.

It was an honour to have known her and I send my condolences to Nicola and David and their family.

Anne-Marie Mariën